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Certificates and Testimonials

Certificates & Testimonials

At INKAS® Nigeria, we believe in performance. Unless we are able to ensure safety and security of our client and their valuables there is no point in manufacturing armored vehicles. And when our clients have reposed their faith on us, we prefer to stand up to our promises. But mere promises are not enough; one needs to perform as well.

In order to ensure safety and security of our clients along with their valuable we use top quality materials and glasses while manufacturing our armored vehicles. And all the materials used are certified and in accordance with the different organizations by whom we have been certified. The vehicles are in accordance with the principles and standards of safety offered by these organizations.

When one is investing so much money in the purchase of an armored vehicle, it is logical to buy products that are certified. If one buys uncertified vehicles than they can never complain about the safety levels as it was not guaranteed by that company. So it is best to go for those armored vehicles that are properly certified and follows the ballistic measures that are recognized the world over.

Some of our satisfied clients include Sean Ennis, President of Valley Armored Car Service Ltd, Charles Barlow, President of Zariba Security Corporation and John W. Hamilton, Major, USAF, contracting Officer amongst many others. They have not only used our armored vehicles but are extremely happy and satisfied by their performance. At Inkastrans we believe “In our client’s satisfaction lies our success.”

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