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Armored Vehicles

Our company offers a wide range of armored vehicles such as: armored sedans, armored SUV`s, special purpose vehicles, cash in transit, armored buses and vans, from which you can take your pick depending on your safety and security requirements. We design and manufacture a wide selection of quality automobiles that are customized to suit the requirements and standards of each customer. There is a broad range of automobiles, sedans and limousines that include some of the biggest brands in the industry. We specialize in custom manufacturing of various makes and models of various large size trucks that also include cash carrying trucks and different types of armored trucks all tailored according to the requirements of the client.

The world is facing an increasing challenge from conflict and it is quite common to find violence. With life threatening situations on the rise more and higher level authorities are looking forward to vehicles as a sort of security measure when traveling. It is an insecure and uncertain environment and hence the importance of armored vehicles offers you the best option to protect yourself when you are on the move.

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