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About INKAS® Nigeria

About INKAS® Nigeria

INKAS® Nigeria is the world’s leading armored vehicle manufacturing organization. We are well known for the performance of civil and customized security automobiles. A privately held group of companies, INKAS® headquarters are located in Toronto, Canada. Established in 1993, the company has slowly grown into the most trusted armored vehicle manufacturing company. Their client base varies from VVIPS, to Executives of top multi-national companies, world renowned doctors to politicians across the globe.

Currently besides the armored vehicles range they also deal with safe manufacturing, merchant services amongst others. We have slowly but surely made the world their home by opening up offices and branches in different parts of the world. Recently they have opened their office in Lagos, Nigeria. Besides Nigeria, we already have offices in Toronto, Gatineau (Toronto) with overseas offices in Russia and Lagos.

“We believe that in the safety and security
of our clients lies our success.”


Now one can experience the INKAS® armored vehicles in Nigeria as well. INKAS has opened their latest overseas office in Lagos, Nigeria. The experience of riding an armored vehicle manufactured by us is unsurpassable. As they use and offer the latest technologies in their vehicles, one can very well imagine the level of security level experience one will have. We believe in offering services that can not only resist and overcome the attacks by hi-end rifles but ensure the safety and security of the client’s life as well as their valuables.

We believe that in the safety and security of our clients lies our success. As an armoured vehicles manufacturing company we take pride in our safety measures.


INKAS® armored vehicles believes in using the latest defensive technology in order to ensure safety of their client’s and valuables. They manufacture and produce their products using high quality materials and glasses for ballistic purpose. INKAS® does not believe in compromising on the quality of materials used, after all their armored vehicles are responsible for ensuring safety of their client’s life.

As we also provide customization of the vehicles, the level of safety offered is done in accordance with the needs and requirements of the clients. However in general, our protection levels are in accordance to the standards set by National and International Ballistic Standards. In their testing procedure they follow the guidelines set by European Ballistic Standard, the US National Institute of Justice and the Underwriters Laboratory. Their vehicles are also manufactured in accordance with the NIJ Standard 0108.0.

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